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Affiliate Links

Below are my most used and most beloved & recommended art supplies that I've been using over the past 20 years. In more recent years I've used a drawing tablet (xp pen) as well as Himi Gouche. They are what I've used consistently and reccomend to my art students whenever I am teaching. Arches watercolor paper continues to be the standard for highest quality watercolor paper as well as Copic Markers- which can last you a lifetime, as they're refillable! I reccomend these supplies to new artists, illustrators, and seasoned ones as well. 


*Note: if you purchase any of these art supplies through the provided links, you'll be supporting both myself and my art business! I earn a small commission on each sale made through these affiliate links, so your support is greatly appreciated! I hope these resources are helpful for you in your own art journey.*

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